INPUT / OUTPUT - book cover

by: Kamil Sleszynski

Hardcover + box, hand-stitched

photos: Kamil Sleszynski
text: Ula Krutul
design and edition: Katarzyna Prokopowicz
cover: Edyta Filipowicz
translation: Julita Pawluczuk

Pages: 48
Language: Polish and English
Place: Białystok (Poland)
Publication date: September 2015
Publisher: Wolka Bookv Size: 22x17 cm (approx.)
Edition: 10 copies

ISBN: 978-83-942417-0-4

“I have never slept that well in my life. Habits stayed with me. At home you’re switching the light off, in prison you don’t. One time I was at a hostel with a friend of mine. Conditions were so bad, we felt like in a cell. And there were bunk beds. And we waited for someone to come and switch the light off. That night was the first time I slept as well as in prison. I felt safe.”